HE6797E-- hydroxy acrylic resin (special resin for automotive interior parts)

The main purpose:

Main application field: automobile interior decoration, automobile, motorcycle, home appliance finish paint


 1. benzene-free, environmentally friendly resin

 2. high hardness, high wear resistance, high alcohol resistance

 3. high gloss, high fullness

 4. excellent resistance to chemicals, sun and frost; excellent weather resistance

 5. fast drying, excellent flattening

Comparison of Performance of HE6797E Resin and Common Hydroxyacrylic Acid Resin

HE6797ECommon hydroxy acrylic resin
Finger dry20min25min


Fullnessamplesame as
10% sulfuric acid96h48h
Resistance to 5% Lye48h24h
48 h sunscreenNo traceMark marks

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